The Institute for Community Health

ICH approached me needing a full website redesign. Their existing site was five years old, but looked like it could have been from 1999. It was completely unresponsive, incredibly difficult to navigate, and nearly impossible to add or edit content in an intuitive way.

Institute for Community Health Website
The new ICH website homepage

We went through a thorough discovery process, identifying their core business values, what they wanted to convey on the site, and what user journeys and content types to base the design around.

The new design settled upon a clean and professional look, with subtle UX details like hover box shadows and AJAX loading of more posts to make the user experience feel smooth and modern while avoiding any overly flashy components.

ICH website home page
Home page
ICH website projects archive
Projects archive

I developed a fully custom WordPress theme with custom post types for Projects, Publications, and Staff members, along with unique archive and single post templates based on the post type. In the admin area, I added custom fields for each post type to make adding and updating content as easy as possible.

I also built a functionality plugin that contained all non-theme functionality (including custom post types and custom shortcodes), and integrated Shortcake UI for easy shortcode adding and rendering in the admin post editor.

New product page
New project page with custom fields
ICH post filtering in action
AJAX post filtering and loading in action

To close out the project I set up Google Analytics integration, and provided the staff with training materials and videos that they could reference in the future that cover various use cases and requirements for adding and updating the site content.